Flora Anna Helenyi
Communication and Media Studies Expert


Date of Birth: 12 April 1986


I am an open-minded, energetic, articulate and confident person with an extensive knowledge and positive attitude. My biggest strength is that I make a huge research about everything to be sure I have a good understanding of the given topic / problem. I have excellent communication skills. I am hard-working, honest and I am able to work under pressure. I am punctual and well organized.


Cultural Management Training

Israeli Cultural Institute in Budapest
2011 - 2012

A two semester long training mostly about Israel’s cultural history and cultural life. Our lecturers were professionals talking about their field, for example a marketing manager, a theater manager and people who are living in Israel and has a better overview of the cultural life there.

MA in Communication and Media Studies Training

Budapest University of Technology and Economics
2010 - 2012

My MA was the continuation of my BA. I finished two specialization: visual communication and environmental communication.

Visual communication studies communication and media through philosophical theories and especially in the art life. My thesis were based up on this specialization and I was analyzing the non-verbal communication of the figures in Surreal women artists’ artworks.

Environmental communication studies communication and media through psychological theories. We studied what reasons can be behind safe and unsafe areas, why do people vandalize (ex. with graffiti).

BA in Communication and Media Studies Training

Budapest University of Technology and Economics
2007 - 2010

I studied International Communication in English. I took many different classes starting from economics through marketing and many with logical arguments. I continued my main work in this field and was studying how to recognize conspiracy theories and how to demonstrate where these theories fails.

Interior Designer

Junior Art Center
2004 - 2006

After high school I was interested in interior architecture and design. I took this 2 years long course where I studied all the basics that are needed for this field.

Work Experience

Translation, Copywriting, Transcription, Small editing

2016 - Present

I am making small freelancer jobs for individuals through the internet.


Türr István Training and Research Institute
2015 - 2016

I was hired for an ongoing European Union funded nationwide project that’s main purpose was to help people who lives in poverty and haven’t been able to find a job for years. The project helped these people for 6 months starting with mentoring continued by a course where the teachers improved their basics skills (ex. in the beginning with reading and writing).

My responsibility was to help with background work that had to be done to make the project go smoothly. I managed bookings and orders that were needed for the courses and of course was keeping in touch with our colleagues.

Coordinator, Organizer, Personal Assistant, Pet Sitter

2013 - 2016

Ilikecomfort is a small company for expats living in Hungary that’s main profile is pet sitting, but extended its services with some extras like hosting and services (welcoming guests to apartments), personal assistance, relocation services and translations.

Back in 2013 I started as a pet sitter, then quickly got more and more jobs. After half a year I was responsible to coordinate the company’s pet sitters. Organizing interviews both with new clients and both with new employees. After these responsibilities I started helping expats with personal assistance: whenever they had a problem because of the language barrier I helped them.

In the last 1 and a half year I was organizing apartment hosting for our clients, such as discussing arrival / leaving times, length of stay, any special needs, helping them to get around the city, how to arrive and of course welcoming the guests.

Editor, Review (voice) recorder, Recorded voice editor

Civil Radio
2010 - 2012

Civil Radio is a non-profit radio station with unique programme.

I started working here as a trainee for half a year then continued as a volunteer for another one and a half year.

I was responsible to record short (3-5 minutes) reviews in any given cultural category, which after that I had to cut and then send it to the editor of that programme. My main responsibility however was to be an editor for a programme called ‘Rámpa’ (ramp) that was specifically about people who are living with some kind of disability, but making something remarkable. These people were dancers in wheelchairs, a deaf woman who created her own dance with sign language and even created a CD where she sang with her friends. Still up to this day I keep in touch with our guests who inspires everyone every day.

Translator, Review writer

Scolar Publishing

Scolar Publishing had a small project where they asked people in exchange for the books they were about to publish to write reviews and translate reviews from English. My choice was Purge by Sofi Oksanen, which became one of my favourite book.


Mother tongue


Advanced knowledge

2012 IELTS Language exam

Beginner level

Can read and write, know basic conversational expressions.
  • Reading (fiction, classics, sci-fi, drama, philosophy)
  • Arts (Reniassance, Dadaism, Surrealism)
  • Theatre (alternative)
  • European art movies
  • DIY (do it yourself, like sewing)
  • Traveling
  • TV-series



Google Chrome

Super high Chrome skills.
Queen of extensions.

ABBY FineReader

Optical character recognition software.
Text scanning and editable files (ex. scanned PDF from a book can be created to a file with copyable content)

Microsoft Office

Daily user of Word and Excel. Can create remarkable presentations, but rather use Prezi.


Book conversion software.


Ebook editor software


Site and application translator tool.


Basic WordPress page building skills.

Wondershare Filmora

Video editor software

Any Video Converter

Converts any video to any file.

Bulk Mailer

Newsletter bulk mailer with newlsetter design options.


Qualitative research evaluating software


Creative presentation creator program.

Adobe Photshop

Basic image editing skills

Driving License B